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Web Site

  1. Set measurable objectives for your Web site. Without these you have no way of knowing whether the site is successful or not.
  2. Review your competitor' sites before you plan your own your own, and make sure you have a meaningful way of differentiating yourself from your competition.
  3. Plan how often you will update your site. The more often you do this, the higher the likelihood of people re-visiting your site.

Target Market

  1. Read trade publications to track trends.
  2. Collect competitors' ads and literature; knowing what they are doing can give you clues on how to differentiate your business offering. You will also gain valuable information on their strategies, tactics, features and benefits.
  3. Ask clients why they hired you and what other services they need.
  4. Ask ex-clients why they left you.
  5. Always test new products and services by talking to your customers about them.


  1. Develop a brochure, business card and a Web site that promote your services. Promote them aggressively.
  2. Publish a newsletter that provides valuable information for customers and prospects.
  3. Give prospects two business cards—one to keep and one to give to someone else
  4. Print a slogan on invoices, fax cover sheets and letterheads to help people understand what you do.
  5. Offer a free gift. This often increases response, and is usually worth the expense.
  6. Use attention-getting graphic devices. Keep the reader alert and stimulated to read further. Use a second colour, indented paragraphs, handwritten notes, underlining and boldface type and text boxes.

Product or Service


Offer "Added Value" to your product or service, where the customer gains some additional advantage without having to pay for it (or pay very little, compared with its value). Adding perceived value is a way of enhancing what you are offering, without necessarily adding to your costs. It can also help differentiate your products from those of your competitors. This makes direct price comparisons more difficult for prospective customers, and can increase your profit margins.


  1. Guarantees: The cost is usually very small, but they can go a long way towards gaining customer confidence.
  2. Delivery: Deliver faster.
  3. Service: Very important to customers, and a major way to retain customer loyalty.
  4. Credit: Can add value to some customers. But make sure that your own finances will not be damaged.
  5. Packaging and presentation: Professional packaging enhances the perceived value of the product.


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