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Welcome to Tandet Expressway, our e-newsletter to advise you of Tandet and industry happenings. Of particular interest in this issue is the lead story – about Tandet being chosen as one of Canada’s Top 50 Best Managed companies. We hope you find the Expressway informative. Please forward it to your associates, or better yet, add their names to our list using the form at the end of the newsletter. Have a great day.

One of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies

Tandet Management Inc. was chosen as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, as announced February 3rd in a Financial Special Report of the National Post. The 50 Best Managed companies are determined by criteria set by Deloitte, CIBC Commercial Banking, the National Post and Queens University School of Business. It is a nationally recognized all-encompassing business recognition award.

“This is certainly a high point in Tandet’s history – to have such illustrious third-party recognition of the years of hard work by all employees at Tandet, who are committed to excellence in customer service, safety and business practices,” said John Tilley, Chairman.

The Best Managed Companies award is uniquely Canadian – recognizing Canadian owned closely-held private companies with superior results for the past three years in both growth and profitability. In addition to financial growth and balance sheet strength, some of the characteristics these companies typically exhibit are:

  • pursuing and managing alliances, acquisitions and other strategic relationships
  • building and sustaining a customer-focused approach to sales and marketing
  • designing the right organization and processes to support growth
  • attracting and retaining talent to build an exceptional culture
  • creating the right working environment with leadership and the ability to communicate the company’s vision

Left to right: Corey Cox. Information Systems Manager, Kirk Tilley, Vice President, John Tilley, President, Scott Tilley, Vice President, Jeff Cockshutt, Group Controller“This award reassures us that our business strategies and employee commitments are taking us in the right direction. We are proud to be along side of other top performing companies in Canada," indicated Kirk Tilley, President of Tandet NationaLease Ltd. and Tandet Eastern Ltd.

According to Scott Tilley, President of Tandet Dedicated Inc. and Tandet Logistics Inc., “This award validates a cornerstone of the Tandet philosophy we have operated with for over 25 years – ‘to deliver the best possible service to our customers.’ It acknowledges the ability of Tandet people to establish, maintain and constantly improve upon a system that supports this most basic of our commitments.”

For more information about this award and Tandet, contact Kirk or Scott Tilley at Tandet Management Inc. 905-827-4200; 1-888-TANDET8 (1-888-826-3388).

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Moving Day at Sussex Dr.

This picture appeared in the National Post February 3, 2006. The picture says it all - almost!

When AMJ-Commercial Division movers needed extra equipment to move the former Prime Minister out of 24 Sussex Drive, their first call was to Tandet Kenworth in Ottawa. "We usually call Tandet first" said Richard McCuaid, Dispatch Manager at AMJ, "because they have proven to be the most responsive in customer service. Whenever we have been in a jam - needing equipment in a hurry and no one to pick it up - Tandet delivers it. They almost always have the equipment we need."

So if you are planning some " political moves " of your own and need some extra equipment to make it happen, contact Greg Loveland, Rental Manager at Tandet Kenworth Ottawa at 1-877-826-3386;, or the Rental Manager at your local Tandet branch.

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Premium Carrier recognition from Sunoco

Whenever Sunoco Inc. takes on a new carrier, senior Sunoco personnel conduct an audit of their safety, systems and process. This audit is performed after a lengthy familiarization and application proposal process by the carrier to arrive at this point. The purpose of the audit is to confirm to Sunoco that the carrier has installed and effectively uses their quality process, safety standards and operating procedures.

Michael Alston, Regional Regulatory Transportation Manager for Sunoco, reported that Tandet had received 97.1% on the review, qualifying them to be one of Sunoco’s Premium Carriers. Scott Tilley, President of Tandet Logistics Inc., acknowledged this saying, “This recognition is quite an accomplishment. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the Logistics Division for having the diligence and the foresight to see the value in using the systems that you and the company have developed over the years. Quality processes deliver quality service - which help us realize new opportunities.”

According to Ray McDougall, Business Development Manager of Tandet Logistics, “Tandet will be delivering liquid chemicals into Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and the United States from Sunoco facilities in Sarnia and Chicago. Winning the respect of a quality company like Sunoco is gratifying and helps us benchmark our service. We like accounts with high standards because it keeps pushing our commitment to strive for excellence in both safety and efficiency.” If you are looking for a carrier who can meet your delivery challenges with high performance standards call Ray at 905-603-6289 or email

Experiencing the delivery …a client’s perspective

TANDET Logistics Division responded to a request from David Shimoda, a newly appointed Regional Transportation Manager from Imperial Oil Ltd. David, having transferred into the position from another area in the company, wanted to gain greater insight into the delivery aspect of their business with first-hand exposure to the process. Tandet extended an invitation to him to ride along on deliveries.

David’s first day started at 2 AM when he joined Norm Bortolussi, a seasoned professional driver with over 15 years chemical delivery experience. The vehicle was a triaxle, 45,000 litre, three compartment chemical tanker that typically carries a gross weight of 53,000 kgs of solvents and chemicals while on delivery from Hamilton to the GTA. His second day was spent observing Tandet’s Sarnia dispatch team who schedule deliveries and pickups. David decided after his initial exposure session to extend the educational process with more 2 AM delivery runs so he could really understand the day to day challenges Tandet drivers face at the client’s sites, on the highways, as well as the loading docks. David's goal is to identify any issues – primarily at the points of interaction between the two companies - that may impact efficiencies in the whole delivery process. He feels the best way to understand a situation is to be hands on.

At the Logistics Safety meeting last fall, David related what he had seen as well as what he hoped to accomplish. "I was impressed by the Tandet drivers on their professionalism and dedication. I also made an observation about Tandet after seeing a poster about safety records in their office. This stated the years of service of Tandet employees – indicating that the group consisted of seasoned drivers with low turnover – which speaks well for the drivers and the company, ” said Shimoda.

According to Darrell Burgess, Operations Manager of Tandet Logistics Division, “We welcome our clients taking that level of interest and appreciating the fact that distribution efficiency is a partnership process. Their commitment to address issues in the operations that affect their efficiency have nothing but positive results for both partners. We welcome the opportunity to show off our drivers and support teams when a client asks because we are proud of them.”

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Team effort – a profile

Chris and Makashe coaching hockeyTeam play extends beyond Tandet for Chris Brennan, Manager Market Development at Tandet Dedicated Inc. When he was looking for an assistant coach for his hockey team, his search ended with another Tandet employee, Mekashe Lal, with similar team play values.

Chris spends some of his free time coaching the Oakville Rangers Midget AAA Hockey Club. He started coaching hockey 8 years ago and since then has won two Midget provincial championships, participated as a coach within the Provincial Under 17 Hockey of Excellence program, and instructed on numerous occasions at the Can-Am Hockey School. Moulding a team to work cohesively as a unit to achieve team goals can be challenging yet simultaneously very rewarding when it comes together.

“Mekashe never played hockey. He is a Provincial B License Soccer Coach so had the coaching training to bring expertise to our staff,” said Chris. “I convinced him that he should join our team after some general discussions on our coaching philosophies. I realized that although our sports differed, our overall philosophies of team play, competitiveness and striving to be the best was very similar - which made him an ideal candidate.” According to Mekashe, "All quality hockey programs in Europe have taken their National game - soccer - and introduced the fundamental philosophies on the ice. For me it is a delight to have the opportunity to apply this process with a high level hockey team here in Ontario."

“I have been in the distribution business for 10 years," said Chris. " My job - developing opportunities and solutions for Tandet’s dedicated distribution services is much like my “job” with the hockey team. I identify opportunities and skill sets. I position the resources available to me in such a way that they have the best opportunity to realize success. Then it’s up to those in the game to deliver on expectations. We have a winning record and we are constantly striving to improve. The only way we do that is by working together. That makes it challenging and fun. Having someone like Mekashe on my team makes it easier to realize this success.”

Safety Tip

Recognizing a Stroke … how to help others

Reportedly - a neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within 3 hours he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke...totally. The trick is recognizing a stroke and delivering the appropriate medical attention within 3 hours to avoid brain damage. The big issue is educating people to recognize stroke symptoms and to take action quickly. According to the doctor, a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:

RECOGNIZING A STROKE with 3 questions:

  1. Ask the individual to SMILE
  2. Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS
  3. Ask the person to SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE coherently (eg: It is sunny out today.)

If the person has trouble with any of these tasks - call 9-1-1 immediately – describe the symptoms to the dispatcher. This could result in prompt diagnosis and treatment of the stroke and prevent brain damage. Be a friend and share this information - you could save lives.

Safety Contest “iPod” winner:

This contest was initiated last September to stimulate higher awareness of the importance of Safety both at work and in our daily activities. Safety is a high priority for Tandet. The contest ended December 31st and a winner selected by a review of the submissions by Tandet staff.

The winner is: Andrew Box of Tandet Eastern Limited, who is being presented with his iPod prize by Dan Murphy, Operations Manager Parts& Service for Ottawa, Kingston & Peterborough, at Tandet’s Kingston Kenworth dealership location.

Andrew’s Safety Tip submission was: “Safety starts with you”

“The message was simple and straight forward,” says Glen Corbeil, Tandet’s Manager of Risk and Compliance, “safety starts with personal responsibility - and Andrew captured this sentiment in a simple and straight forward statement.”


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Tandet – One of Canada’s 50 Best Managed companies

Moving day at 24 Sussex Drive

Premium carrier recognition from Sonoco

Experiencing the delivery – a client’s perspective

Team effort – a profile

Safety Tip

Recognize when someone is having a Stroke

Do you know the signs? A quick response could save someone’s life. See the Safety section at the end of the Expressway for details.

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OTA Speed Limiter Policy Makes Front Page News

The policy calls upon the provincial government to require all trucks that operate into, out of and within Ontario to activate their speed limiters, sometimes referred to as governors, and to set the highest speed a truck could go to no more than 105 kph. (A speed limiter is a built-in microchip that allows a truck engine’s top speed to be preset. Almost all trucks built in North America over the last decade come equipped with this technology.)

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