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Welcome to Tandet Expressway, our e-newsletter to advise you of Tandet and industry happenings. Of particular interest in this issue are two stories about how Tandet employees rise to the challenge in meeting our service commitments to our clients – “where they are living proof that we do what we say we will – even if it is in the middle of the night.” We hope you find the Expressway informative. Please forward it to your associates, or better yet, add their names to our list using the form at the end of the newsletter. Have a great day.

Tandet makes the grade in service – at 3 AM

Monkland Egg Grading Station Ltd. of Monkland OntarioMonkland Egg Grading Station Ltd. of Monkland, Ontario, about one hour East of Ottawa, was looking for a distribution partner who could meet their growth demands.

J.F. Nadeau, General Manager of Monkland started with Tandet by renting a truck . He chose Tandet because Greg Loveland, Solutions Manager with Tandet NationaLease of Ottawa, convinced him that they really believed in customer service. Greg said he could be reached even in off-hours in emergencies. This commitment was put to the test one night when JF woke up Greg for assistance at 3 AM when a rental truck hadn’t arrived to start the next day’s deliveries. Greg, knowing the nature of the egg business, reacted by personally delivering a truck by 4 AM to ensure the deliveries could meet their schedule. The original truck was delayed three hours due to a traffic backup from an accident.

JR Nadeau of Monkland (L) Greg Loveland of TandetAccording to JF, “That was when I knew that Tandet really understood service and would do what they said they would. It was amazing that I could even reach someone at that time in the morning, but then to have them react that way, it meant I could trust them to look after my business.”

Today that relationship has progressed from rentals to full service lease – starting with a new Kenworth T800 sleeper truck. This is the first of eight trucks in the Monkland fleet to go full service lease. In the meantime, Tandet provides service for them as well as savings on the Tandet Fuel Program. JF wants to outsource more services so he can concentrate on his main business instead of worrying about fleet maintenance issues.

Monkland was recently acquired by Nutri-oeuf of Montreal. As market leader in Quebec, Nutri-oeuf grades 38% of all the eggs produced in Quebec. They service over 500 customers (supermarkets, food chains), and distributors (restaurants and convenience stores) covering most of Quebec, except for the outlying districts. Most of the egg suppliers to Nutri-oeuf are shareholders. For more information on Nutri-oeuf, go to

For a solution to your distribution concerns, contact Greg Loveland, Solutions Manager, Tandet NationaLease Ottawa, at 1-877-826-3386 or email

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“Great service that great companies are built on”

This is what John George of Precision Resources said when sending a thank you note to Andrew McCleave, Account Manager of Tandet Dedicated for reacting to a call from their dispatch about a driver issue.

Precision Resources provide critical components solutions such as fineblankings with an array of secondary finishing options to the automotive, computer, office equipment and various machine components industries. These options include plastic encapsulation, drilling, tapping, machining and broaching. They have eight divisions throughout North America, including Cambridge and a recent acquisition of SEKAM Technologies Inc. in Kitchener. Service is critical to their business plan. Precision recently outsourced dedicated services to Tandet, starting with two tractor trailers on a 24/7 schedule for deliveries throughout southern Ontario.

Precision night dispatch called Andrew at home around 6pm to see what could be done when a temporary replacement driver was late for the appointed changeover time. The day driver had waited for the transfer to take place and to relay some delivery information. Andrew quickly assessed the situation and filled-in himself as driver to make the deliveries on schedule. “You have to do what you have to do to meet our service obligations, and especially in the automotive sector,” said Andrew. An experienced driver in the past, Andrew works with Dedicated accounts on the hiring, training and coordination of drivers to meet their needs. He knows what it takes.

Candace Visscher, in Precision Resources dispatch was most appreciative of the response, saying, “Tandet proved tonight that what they say they do - they do.”

For more information about Tandet Dedicated, contact Mike Brown, Dedicated Senior Operations Manager, Tandet Dedicated at 1-800-268-3816 or email

Murray Bullock - Profile
From Mechanic to Account Management

Murray Bulllock, Current Account ManagerWhen Murray Bullock is looking after your account you can be sure he knows what it takes to keep your trucks moving. For the past eight years Murray has been providing customer service from the maintenance shop perspective. Murray started as a mechanic with Tandet in 2000 in Mississauga. In his first year he moved to the Cambridge branch where he quickly progressed to lead hand, then assistant shop supervisor and then to service manager, all in just a little over four years, in a shop with six technicians and a shop administrator. Cambridge is ideal since Murray lives in Freelton and can get home in time to coach Mallory's (his daughter 11) and Mitchell's (his son 9) baseball teams, and play for the league he is in. Murray’s wife Cindy heads up their fan club.

Murray has recently been traded to the sales team, changing positions to Current Account Manager where he is now applying his analytical and organizational skills in the field working with Tandet clients. His first hand knowledge of the mechanical issues allows him to be more aware of what truck specifications are required to stand up to demanding schedules and loads. He can recommend programs that will ensure his clients’ fleets have excellent performance.

According to Murray, “I came to Tandet because I was looking for a company where I could grow and learn as many different aspects of the business as possible. I didn’t want to continually do the same job for years. I must say Tandet sure delivered on that. When the Account Management sales position was first offered to me I wanted to think about it because it was quite a change. After considering it for a few days, I realized that it offered me much of what I liked doing as a service manager but without being tied to one particular branch. This gives me an opportunity to see the rest of Tandet and build stronger relations with our customers.” Murray is a team player that plays for both Team Tandet and your team if you are lucky enough to have him looking after your account.

Murray was also recently profiled in a special Metroland newspaper insert promoting employment opportunities as part of an Ontario Trucking Association initiative to encourage youths into the industry. See page 6 in the linked article:

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A big crush on tires

Ontario Tire loves old tires – in fact they picked up over two million of them in a year. But that is not what the “big crush” is all about. Their new truck and trailer is the exciting part. Equipped with a unique cab-crane, this truck picks up huge tires and loads them into the top-loading trailer that is specially equipped with a cylinder-driven compression plate. This in turn compacts the tires for maximum capacity. These accessories are powered by their own PTOs (power take offs), one of which is mounted on the tractor’s roof.

Ontario Tire started in business in the mid 1990s in Hagersville. Now they are one of the biggest companies in their marketplace, operating throughout much of Ontario and feeding the recycling plants with rubber tires that end up in a variety of products, such as rubber flooring.

According to Mike Moffat, President and founder, “Tandet is one of the few companies that will customize tractors like this. They are prepared to get creative with specifications once they determine the application is practical. This truck is on a Full Service Lease program, which means that Tandet will look after it while we concentrate on our schedules.” Since it is on the road a lot, its maintenance schedule will be coordinated through the Tandet-FMS Fleet Maintenance Service that can schedule fleet service in a Tandet location or almost anywhere in North America through pre-screened service centres.

For assistance in meeting your special equipment needs and Full Service Lease information, contact Stan Liberty at 905-603-6292 or email

New Fleet Management Service for private fleets

Fleet Management Services (Tandet-FMS) manages all aspects of your own “private fleet,” from emergency breakdowns and scheduling services to scrutinizing your vendors’ work orders and processing your payables - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The process is managed through Tandet’s in-house FMS group. With state-of-the-art Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) telephony, the latest in call centre software and the soon-to-be-released Road Assist breakdown software, we can connect, find and assist you anywhere in North America. Couple that with our over 4,000 vendors who have joined the system and we have you covered!

Whenever you place a call, you are answered by a Tandet Technical Services Representative who is capable of diagnosing the repair required both with your driver or the vendor of your choice. Don’t have a vendor in mind? We’ll find you one, wherever you are.

Choose from these services:
  • Scheduling of all repairs and breakdowns
  • Reviewing and approving all service invoices
  • Screening and selection of vendors or use of your own vendor network
  • Issuing purchase orders (POs) to vendors on your behalf
  • Payment to vendors upon review relative to POs and invoices
  • Arranging for license permits
  • Fuel tax reporting

All of this is tracked and entered into Tandet’s fleet management software system. We then give you a window into our operating system with our Customer Web Access (CWA) portal. This enables you to look at your fleet from anywhere, at any time, day or night. If you have a computer and Internet access, you have one of the industry’s leading web-based software programs to review, analyze and track repairs and out-of-service vehicles in real time!

We make this available for low monthly payments based on your fleet size. There is no expensive software to purchase, no extended implementation schedules, no need for exhaustive hiring, training and replacement of employees.

Manage, control and reduce your overall fleet costs now, by simply calling our maintenance expert Murray Bullock at 905-635-2025 or email him at

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Oldest client renewal says a lot

Ren's Pet Depot of Oakville is one of Tandet’s oldest lease clients, first signed a lease with Scott Tilley in the early 1990s. Known then as Ren's Feed and Supply, their first truck was used to deliver farm and laboratory feeds across southern Ontario. The Pet Depot operation was a small part of the operation then, but that changed as Oakville grew. The operation is now run by Ren's son Colin. The store has been expanded and is complemented with an Internet order operation and a franchised store in Guelph. But they’ve never forgotten where they started, and continue a reliable distribution service to their farm and laboratory feeds customers.

Both John and Scott Tilley have relied on Ren's help for their own pets over the years. According to Scott, Tandet Vice President, "Ren's has built a business based on a solid reputation, supplying quality products and services delivered through "old fashioned" personal service. Rarely have I been in the store that Ren, Colin or a member of their staff have not had a personal conversation with a customer about their pet, their children, their farm or the last item they bought at the store. We see Ren's as a quality business that delivers quality products - and they expect quality from their suppliers.”

“Fifteen plus years of doing business with Tandet says they must be getting what they expect,” said Stan Liberty, Tandet Account Manager. “They have just ordered and received two new Kenworth 300 trucks on our full service lease program.” Chris Banks, Tandet Oakville Service Manager said, "It is always gratifying to see a customer sign another lease because it means we have succeeded in meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations."

This was confirmed by Colin Job of Ren’s, who had the following to say about their relationship with Tandet. “Tandet has always given us great service and quality trucks. When it came time to renew, they considered our operation and then recommended some tailgate specification changes from a new supplier that would give us better performance and better safety. Tandet cares about our business, which is the kind of supplier you want to grow with.”

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Safety Tip

Think Road Safety

Every season has its challenges. Even in the summer and fall, rain can provide hazardous conditions. Here are some driving tips to help you arrive at your destination safely and on time.

  1. Use Caution when it first starts to rain: Engine oil and grease can cause intersections to be slippery when first wet especially during extremely dry spells.

  2. Time cushion: Everyone knows the 14 hour clock is ticking, but during rainy conditions, allow extra time for slower speeds.

  3. Use common sense: If the visibility becomes so bad you can’t see the vehicle in front of you, it is time to pull over.

  4. Watch curves and corners: Control your breaking before you enter the curve or corner and take it slow. Don’t use the brakes as you enter the curve.

  5. Avoid using the brakes: Take your foot off the accelerator rather than using the brake during wet road conditions. Try your brakes out by tapping them lightly to make sure they are pulling evenly. Avoid using them hard.

  6. Be alert to hydroplaning: Release the gas pedal slowly and keep the steering straight until your wheels regain traction.

  7. Minimize lane changes: Changing lanes involves visibility and control issues on the clearest of days. When it rains, avoid changes unless absolutely necessary.

  8. Prepare your vehicle: Ensure the equipment is functioning and maintained, not only to meet regulations but to avoid accidents. Check the following frequently:
    • Windshield-wiper blades and washer fluid
    • Tires (tread and proper inflation)
    • Headlights (working and clean)
    • Brakes
    • Splash guards


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A big crush on tires

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Safety Tip

Rain can provide hazardous conditions. See the safe driving tips in the Safety section at the end of the newsletter.

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The Ontario Trucking Association keeps Ontario manufacturers, shippers and other users of trucking services apprised of trends in today's trucking industry. In a July 10, 2006 news release the OTA calls on the Province to act on a CTA Emissions Reduction Plan. If implemented it would drastically reduce smog and greenhouse gas emissions. For the news release go to:

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